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These videos were taken during normal home inspections, by Powerworks Inspections.

Each video is unique in that it demonstrates some of the many concerns we come across as a home inspection company.


Low E Coating Degradation in Windows

As windows age the Low E Coating, can begin to degrade and become visible. Low E Coating are designed to filter out infrared heat energy and ultraviolet light from the sun before they enter our homes through the window panes.

Roof Debris Attracts Ants

Roof overlaps Iike this create a pocket that collects organic debris. This organic debris holds moisture and water against your roof which can eventually reach a roof deck causing damage. Moreover it becomes the home of insects. Recommend creating some type of kick out flashing to prevent access to this area.


Huricane Strapping and Construction Method to Lock Home Down To Foundation

This is a basic look at the basic building methods in place in Georgia to prevent vertical lift of home structural components. Building codes in hurricane zones and coastal zones will far exceed what is presented in this video.


Chalet Shingle Roof Inspection

Powerworks Inspections. Property Inspection in Newnan Ga. Roof shingles are showing signs of wear typical with Chalet shingles. We were seeing cracking at the shingle surfaces on south face and blistering of shingles on the East/South east faces. In some locations the blister surfaces have worn away leaving open pores.

New Construction Home Inspection of Roof Ridge Line

Powerworks Inspections. During the roof inspection of a newly constructed home in Newnan Ga. You can see the ridge line is not straight. One truss has been nailed out of line to the ridge. Buying a new home, have Powerworks Inspections do your home inspection.


Roof and Valley Soffit Junction Creating an Issue

Powerworks inspections, home inspection. Junction of soffit overhang meets valley surface. This junction is collecting debris and water. This is contributing to moisture issue affecting soffit framing, siding and valley roof deck. Solution would be the addition of a partial cricket to kick water out beyond soffit edge.


Internal Water Heater Leak

This is 2014 Whirlpool gas fired water heater. Originally I thought the orange flame was a tune up issue. However, as I listened I could hear the hiss of water dripping onto the burner ring. The flame starts off a clear blue and then turns orange when water interferes with the burn. At the end you can hear the water hissing with each drop on the burner ring. Luckly, I was testing HVAC system next to water heater.



Torn Roof Vent Boot, Powerworks Inspections


While evaluating the roof condition we noticed that both vent boots were torn. Going into the attic no signs of leaking or water damage were easily evident. Having been on the roof we knew we needed to get a closer look.
New Construction, Gas line, Water line, Straps

General views of new construction. Views of hurricane straps, gas line, water line to refrigerator and exterior spigot.


Home Inspection, New Construction, Dryer Vent

Powerworks Inspections, Newnan Ga. Dryer Vent Installation. Smooth vent pipe to help prevent lint build up. National Fire Protection Agency statistics in 2005 showed nearly 14000 fires were the result of improper lint clean out and maintenance.


Jacuzzi Disconnect Double Tap


During a home inspection in Peachtree City Ga. I opened the panel to see behind the main disconnect for the home. What sparked my interest during the home inspection was the disconnect box for the Jacuzzi next to the Main disconnect for home. The potential danger here is, if the lugs are not rated for double tapping there is a possibility over time the conducting wires could become loose. Once loose they can arch, which results in over heating and thus potential for a fire.


Using Ufer Ground and Ground Rod to Ground Panel

Home Inspection New Construction. Grounding of the main panel through use of an Ufer ground and a ground bar. 2nd video will show exterior of building.


Continuation of Using Ufer Ground and Ground Rod to Ground Panel, Exterior


Home Inspection, new construction, this is the second part of video. This is the exterior view of were the #6 grounding wires exit.



Home Inspection, Plumbing leak at 

crawlspace exterior wall.
Home Inspection, Home Inspector, Powerworks Inspections, Leak in crawlspace


Home Inspection, New Construction


Home Inspection, New Construction

Views of gas line, venting, Water lines, Strapping

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