Septic Systems

Septic Systems: Significant function. Large Expense to Repair

     At Powerworks Inspections we do not inspect septic systems, neither do we radomly search the property or town records for such system. The full weight of disclosing a septic system on the property resides with the seller.  The disclosure is required by law to contain honest and true statements of the condition of the property.

     With the many types of septic systems in use, I believe anyone buying a home with a septic system should have it inspected by a certifed Septic System company.

     Some practices by home inspectors have been to flood the system with a specified gallons per hr ration to determine if system can handle the volumn and thus declare it is functional or have system investigated further.

     Repair and replacement of a septic system is very expensive, costing from $3000 to $20,000 depending on level of work required. I believe the cost for pumping the tank and having it reviewed by a certifed company pays for itself in peace of mind and potentially avoiding repair or replacement costs.

     If your leach lines are laid near a tree line or trees have been planted over the years unknowningly in the vacinity of the lines, roots may be damaging your lines. I have had more than one customer find tree roots had damaged their feeder line or leach lines. 

     If tree roots are a question, Septic companies have the ability to send a camera down the line to further investigage.


    Disclosure Form:   If the owner of the home you are purchasing states in his disclosure that the home functions off a septic system, my recommendation to all my customers is to have a certifed Septic company evaluate the system.  The cost of repair and replacement far exceeds the cost of this professional evaluation.

This link to wikipedia is a simple way to begin your understanding of a septic system.   

 Typical Septic System Layout. 

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