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Powerworks Home Inspection Services

          Powerworks Inspections meets or exceeds the Standards of Practice designated by Internachi and ASHI.  These organizations set the standards for home inspections.


          Our complete home inspection is a non-evasive, visual inspection systems and structural componants of your home.           

                      When requested, Powerworks is equiped with Radon Testing Equipment and Air quality and Mold Testing Equipment.


Thermal Imagining: Unlike many inspectors, Powerworks Inspections uses thermal imaging to help diagnose your home.  Thermal images are useful in detecting moisture intrusion or plumbing leaks in walls and ceilings.  Thermal images also allow us to discover areas of missing insulation or energy leaks in homes.




Full Home Inspection For Buyers

 At Powerworks Inspections we are the trusted home inspection company.  We have a standard of being, thorough, accurate and honest.  We believe in integrity and genuine care for our clients.  We make sure our clients know and understand every fact about the property that they are purchasing.   Our home inspection does not end after the report is completed.   Should you have any questions months down the road, you are encouraged to give us a call.  During your home inspection our professional certified inspectors will evaluate:

Roof                     Shingles, flashing, vent boots, combustion venting, chimney, skylights,                                        gutters and downspouts.

Exterior              Siding material, windows, doors, entry ways, grading and vegetation.

Structures         Decks, patios, retaining walls, and pergolas

Attic                Insulation condition, ventilation, roof deck, rafters, trusses, wiring and                                     plumbing.

Basement and Crawlspaces           Structural componants, wiring, plumbing, vapor                                                                         barriers and ventilation.

Electrical System          Service Entrance, Main Panel, Subpanels, Visible wiring outlets                                                    and switches, Ground fault protection.

Plumbing System          Water heater, distribution system, sinks, drains, tubs, showers                                                     and visible plumbing componants. 

HVAC System         Diferential testing, visual examination of accessable componants.

Garage           Garage door opener and safety componants, GFCI testing, and all structural                                componants.

Interior           Structurally related issues, windows, door, fireplaces, smoke detectors, and                                built in appliances.



New Construction Inspection:


Purchasing a new home comes with many expectations.  However, even new construction homes can have hidden issues.  With today’s trac type construction, or even custom home construction it can be difficult for the best General Contractor to check up on all aspects of work being done.  Often subcontractors are under pressure to complete multiple jobs, as a result minor tasks can be overlooked or not completed to their normal quality.  Powerworks Inspections pays attention to detail, contact us to review your new construction home for you.


One Year Warranty Inspections:

New construction homes come with a one year warranty.  None the less, during that first year concerns can begin present themselves but easily be missed by an untrained eye.  If you did not have a home inspection when you purchased the home, existing defects could be left unaddressed.  The 11 month home inspection is your best chance to have defects discovered and brought to the attention of your builder.  Powerworks Inspections specializes in new construction and 11 month inspections. Call Powerworks to give you confidence with your home.


Prelisting Inspection:

A prelisting inspection can help you sell your home faster while feeling confident and in control of the process.  Many home owners become accustomed to their home and are not fully aware of it’s condition.  A prelisting home inspection allows you to understand the issues concerning your home.  Once known you can make the best decision for the sale of your home and your financial and peace of mind needs.  A prelisting home inspections helps to remove surprises during the sale process and keep you confident and in charge what is addressed.


Limited or Maintenance Inspections:

As time goes on our homes age and systems slowly wear or degrade.  Don’t wait until you have water leaking into your attic to learn about your roof.  Don’t wait until exterior trim is water damaged and needs to be replaced, when advanced notice would have allowed you to caulk and paint.  Don’t let a slow leak in your crawlspace, leak to mold and wood damage.  Let Powerworks Inspections perform a maintenance home inspection for you.  You choose your areas of concern and we do the inspection and evaluation.


Property Investors Inspections:

Many experienced property investors only need assistance with evaluating a potential purchase.  At Powerworks we offer a customizable inspection.  Attic, Roof, Foundation, Panel box and Service Entrance, Water Heater and HVAC system.  You choose what you are most concerned with and let us take care of it for you.  Your experience along with ours can save you considerable costs


Radon Testing

Mold Testing

Termite Inspections

Thermal Imagining

Pool Inspections


At Powerworks we are always looking for safety concerns, including  mold and electrical issues.

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